Essence Beauty Nail Rescue!

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Morning Peeps,

So I love my false nails, nail polish and generally abuse my nails.

So I decided a pamper session was needed.

One for usually high end makeup and beauty products, I actually found myself drawn to essence beauty. A bargain brand known for cheap and affordable price tag. 

I picked up their nail repairing oil and nail caring oil at £2 each and their cuticle pusher at £1.80

This is the best thing I’ve probably ever done.

The nail repairing oil contains argan oil which helps restore the nail service and soften the skin around the nails. 

The nail caring oil is a daily treatment to help nourish and grow nails. 

Both smell absolutely divine and my nails have never looked healthier. It’s definitely helped them grow too! 
Sarah Kay xxx


Why I cancelled my Birchbox subscription 

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Morning Peeps,

My beauty box obsession started with Birchbox but it certainly won’t finish with it.

For a few months now I haven’t been happy with my boxes.

They have been ok but I didn’t feel it was meeting my beauty loves and wants.

For example; how many times can I get a batiste product? I love Batiste but I can’t understand why I would get a product 4/5 times. 

I’ve also found the same brands and similar products popping up all the time. And the full sized products … there are less of them than when I originally bought the boxes. It’s left me feeling a little undervalued as a long term subscriber. 

My favourite product this month is an Oliver Bonas Candle … but I paid extra for that upgrade. Although at a discount.

Sorry Birchbox. Maybe I will see you again in a few months. 

Sarah Kay xoxo 

Benefit Cosmetics: Foolproof brow powder

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Morning Lovelies,

Now for anything brow related Benefit Cosmetics is my go to. There is no denying they have a wide range of brow products for every preference, need and occasion.

They have recently launched a new product – Foolproof Brow Powder. This is a powder set that targets the new trend of soft ombre eyebrows.

Get foolproof fullness and a soft, natural look. This velvety smooth brow powder instantly adheres to hair and skin … it’s super easy, no hard lined or mistakes! – Benefit Cosmetics

It also claims to have 12 hour wear.

So how does it match ?

The packaging is super pretty and is in line with the rest of their brow products and it has a little mirror.

When I open it, it reminds me a little of brownings. But instead of having a powder and a gel, there are two powders one lighter and one darker for the ombre effect. it comes with an applicator which has a pointed blending sponge on one end and a spoolie on the other.

The sponge made it super easy to apply and I didn’t make any mistakes. It does give  an ombre affect and you can build the colour if needed. The spoolie brush is really handy to both comb the brows into place and comb the product through. No harsh lines and more natural looking than pencils. It did stay on my brows all day.

Overall I love this product and it is perfect for everyday use and a natural look.

What is your favourite brow product? Anything I should try next ?

Sarah Kay xoxo


This is my fairytale

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I am a princess and this is my fairytale.

As I was walking through Nottingham and doing some shopping I came across the Disney store and found the most wanted ‘Chip’ mug.


This reminded me of a saying my mum used to say when I was sad – usually about my dad not paying me attention, break ups or friend fall outs. She used to say to me that I was aptly named. Sarah. Hebrew for princess. And she said “you are a princess and this is your fairytale”. Well now looking back there was something behind this. A saying I thought was just a mothers love for her daughter and wanted to give her words of comfort and dreams of happily ever after.

Life has the makings of a good fairytale. We have the ups and downs, highs and lows of any fairytale. We have lives challenges. We have tears, deception, loss, love, romance and light. Light of overcoming whatever tries to trip us up and bring us down.

So heres what I want you to remember. Everytime something goes wrong, something upsets you or something hurts you – every fairytale princess (or prince) has to go through that before they get their happy ending. Own it. Direct it. Write it.

So you are a princess and this is your fairytale.

Sarah Kay xx

PS. Chip was £14.99 from the Disney Store.

Lime Crime Velvetines

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Morning peeps,

I love my lipsticks it’s no secret and recently I’m collecting more and more liquid lipstick and have acquired three Lime Crime Liquid Lipsticks. They cost £16 each and I bought them from Cult Beauty.

Cashmere is a grey tone matte, Teddy is a dark matte red and Blondie is a rose gold metallic.

Top to Bottom – Cashmere, Teddy and Blondie

Cashmere, Blondie, Teddie 

The first think I notice is that Blondie is more of a nude gold than a rose gold on my skin tone so I was a little disappointed. It still looks nice and is metallic and super sleek. 

Cashmere is true to description and is a Grey tone lipstick which I think is quite versatile. 

Teddy also true to colour and great for the autumn.

I found Teddy and Cashmere was quite drying in the lips so make sure you exfoliate that pout and moisturise those lips.

Lastability wise they were quite long lasting and survived a few drinks but did need a top up.

I would still recommend giving these a try though! 

Sarah Kay xoxo

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

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Morning Makeup Junkies,

So it is new secret that I love the brand ‘Too Faced’. With its versatile palettes, lipstick range and cute packaging Too Faced has become a cult brand with a cult following.

One of my favourite palettes is the ‘Sweet Peach’ palette.

At £39 it isn’t cheap but is it worth it?

‘”Be sweet as a peach with these fresh picked shades infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant rich essence of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking summer fresh year round. Includes our signature glamour guide with three looks to get you started. All eye shadows can be used wet for more intense colour try them as a liner! Dust sparkly shades on cheekbones and shoulders with our powder brush for unearthly shimmer”. Too Faced

Now I bought mine as soon as it was relaunched a loooooong time ago.

The packaging is mega cute and true to name. It has a decent sized mirror and comes with 18 shades, and a guide for three looks.


The shades range from Bronzes, pinks, corals, purples and browns to a nearly black shade and then a green shade. As this palette hasn’t just stuck to peach shades it


means it is versatile and you can create a number of looks. The eye shadow are a combination of matte and shimmer and there is a good balance between them.

I do love how Too Faced do Glamour Guides however I’m not convinced that we can all get that look. I for one am not a makeup artist. So, I set myself a challenge. Sarah Kay, over three days you are doing three looks.


Some attempts were better than others but hey I deserve a gold star for trying !

Sorry about the photo quality, I’m trying my best with little natural light – my room is like the black hole of Calcutta.

The shadows are buttery and well pigmented. They were long lasting  and easily buildable and blendable.

All in all I love this palette and is well worth a try.

If any if you guys have the palette what do you think? Any looks feel free to link me up in the comments below!

Sarah Kay xoxo

Saturday Morning Coffee Chat


Morning lovelies,

Saturdays are my favourite days. I generally get a lie in, lazy morning, play with makeup, catch up on social media, catch up with my friends and get a day doing whatever I please.

Im deeming this a coffee chat. This is because whenever I have a chat with a friend that isn’t close by over the phone, we always make a coffee and put the worlds to right. And that is exactly what I’m doing with this post. I am sat on my bed with my coffee and my macboo (MacBook that is affectionately now known as macboo).

This morning I actually got up early to collect my glossy box from the sorting office (I hate missing deliveries) and was having a nosey between this month Birchbox and Glossy Box.
Now I do order both but tend to favour Glossy box for the number of full sized and range of different products. Do any of you guys have either or both? What do you think?

Anyway so I love how my favourite brush brand Spectrum Collections have branched out recently and I have a fan brush in this months mermaid Birchbox and I also got the ‘Out of your Shell’ Loc Shadow Stick. But feel the rest of the box is a little ‘Meh’. I have a sugar texturising spray, a dry oil shimmer and a cream. Although I do get the theme there is is much more they could have done with it! Its not a world away from last months box either. Im still happy with it though!

In my Glossybox I got some Model Launcher Bronzer, hair ties, batiste dry shampoo and conditioner, a hair mask, a Rodial Suede lips lip pencil and some primer. I am really happy with this box this month. I may do an in-depth unboxing or some reviews.

What did you guys get ?

Sarah Kay xoxo

Hello there !

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Hello there!

I am Sarah Kaye, 27 from Nottingham. Blonde usually wearing black (because black looks good no matter what) holding a coffee and loving life.

The type of girl who loves her friends but also loves her own company, dances around to music as if theres no tomorrow and is a little Insta obsessed.

Views on this page are my own. I don’t claim to be a beauty guru or makeup artist. Oh and lets keep things positive.

I would love to hear from you guys so drop me a comment, follow me on Instagram or Twitter or add me on snapchat: itssarahkaye